What is PAREI VISION 2030? 

Vision 2030 is the place we want to be in the near future. In a few short years from now we see the opportunity of a sustainable home, robust membership, and a new generation of engaged, active participants and workforce in the renewable energy community. 

PAREI is closing in on its 20th year. The success we have experienced is due to a membership that has a can-do attitude and a willingness to share ideas and experiment. By 2030, we want that community to thrive and grow.

Move-In Goal

Vision 2030; A New Home for PAREI, Move In Goal September 2023

PAREI is launching a campaign to relocate our headquarters to the West Wing of the Brimstone Office Building in Plymouth creating a new community site anchoring PAREI’s many and expanding programs, services, and events.

The Opportunity (Vision)

PAREI envisions this site and the new office space as a long-term community resource center supporting PAREI’s community-driven solutions for energy education, solar energy, and local food sourcing. An accessible solar pavilion will be built for easier farmer drop-off and buyer pick-up of Local Foods Plymouth (LFP) purchases as well as facilitating the Farm to Community Food Share Program. 

Adjacent to the LFP Solar Pavilion is an outdoor space to be used for PAREI’s community-focused educational gatherings, hands-on workshops, as well as Little Gardens Everywhere demonstration gardens. The West Wing building offers 1,650 square feet of usable interior space on two floors sufficient to support PAREI’s capacity-building goals outlined in the Board-approved 2020-25 Strategic Plan.

Phase I Work [Spring 2022 through Fall 2022]

  • Building Permit for Exterior Renovations
  • Ground-Breaking Ceremony
  • Site & Landscape Clean-up Building Exterior Demolition and Repairs
  • Removal of Kerosene Tank & Heating Unit
  • Building Envelope Weatherization (Roofing, Structural, Insulation, Windows)
  • Building MEP Remediation (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, plus Fire & Life Safety)
  • New Driveway Installation
  • Re-grading for Stormwater Mitigation
  • Construction of LFP Solar Pavilion
  • West Wing Building Interior Clean-Up

Phase II Work: (Winter 2022/23 through Spring 2023)

  • Building Permit for Interior Renovations
  • Installation of West Wing Mini-Split HVAC
  • West Wing Building interior renovation (including walls, flooring, and wainscotting)
  • Installation of IT Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Installation of Lighting Upgrades
  • Interior Finishes Refurbishment and Re-Painting

Phase III Work: (Spring 2023 through Summer 2023)

  • Installation of West Wing Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Re-Location and Installation of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)
  • Installation of Pavilion Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Layout and Planting of Landscaping and Demonstration Gardens
  • Move-In and Set-Up Activities
  • Installation of Site and Wayfinding Signage
  • Launch of Re-designed Website, Social Media, and Marketing Materials
  • Grand Opening Celebration