In response to a concern about the overuse of fossil fuels, the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) was formed in 2004 to encourage community members to embrace energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy one family and one building at a time. Over the years PAREI has worked closely with members to develop innovative programs, stay up to date on the latest energy saving technology, identify resources and offer services to help the Plymouth region act on their energy goals. The Initiative takes a pragmatic approach encouraging people to prepare for their energy future as they would their financial future. We use the motto: “Get Energized! Plan Now for Your Energy Future.” 

PAREI started with a small group of concerned citizens after the realization that little planning was being done to prepare our country and local communities for a time when energy would be at a higher price and harder to get. Less than 10 determined volunteers began meeting in 2003 and created a plan for addressing this crucial issue. PAREI officially became a non-profit organization in February of 2004.

PAREI’s membership is based in the communities from Sanbornton north to Thornton, west to Warren and east to the Meredith and Sandwich region. Since, November of 2003, we have moved from informal meetings to an organization of over 700 families and businesses. Today, PAREI is staffed by a director, office manager, bookkeeper, several core volunteers, and a part time solar crew that assists with solar PV installations, solar monitoring systems and solar water heating repairs. We are governed by a board of seven dedicated and talented individuals. We have inspired new groups to start up around the state such as the Seacoast Area Renewable Energy Initiative, Tin Mountain Renewable Energy Initiative and the Hillsborough Area Renewable Energy Initiative.

PAREI offers a full range of services to members and works with energy professionals, clean energy advocates, plumbers, electricians, utilities, solar installers, solar suppliers and contractors to increase our members access to educational programming and renewable energy/weatherization services. We work with local non-profit organizations to assist them in making their buildings more energy efficient. We seek out grants, state and federal programs and contracts to bring new services to our community. We started up an innovative on-line farmers’ market to reduce the miles our food travels from farm to plate (Local Foods Plymouth) and a community solar program that provides low income families access to solar energy (NH Solar Shares). All in all, thousands of hours have been spent working together as members, staff and board to reduce our community’s energy consumption and produce local clean renewable energy….making a more sustainable and secure communty for us all.