Assessments, Repairs and Trouble Shooting of Solar Systems

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal (water heating) Systems. Primarily servicing Apricus Evacuated Tube Systems
Initial Solar Thermal Assessment Visit

  • $75 Members
  • $125 Non Member

Repair work** such as charging glycol, replacing evacuated tubes and heatpipes: $75 an hour after the initial assessment
Mileage (based on the current IRS Mileage reimbursement) for one way travel
Prices for replacement parts (prices may vary based on market prices):

  • Glycol: $24 a gallon
    Evacuated Tubes: $45 each
    Heat Pipes: $29 each
    Caps: $2.00 each

Pressure gauge, pumps and other components will be quoted after the assessment but prior to work being done.

**Depending on the issues with your Apricus solar thermal system, we may need to refer you to another professional service.

Solar PV

Solar PV Assessment for PV Systems installed by PAREI and Mauchly Electric
(For systems out of warranty)

  • Initial Solar PV Assessment:
    $145 an hour (Members)
    $195 an hour (Non Members)

Return visits to complete repairs or warranty work will be billed at a range of $95 to $145 an hour based on number of workers on site. Repair work will be estimated for homeowners prior to work being done.
Mileage (based on the current IRS Mileage reimbursement) for one way travel.
Services will be billed within 30 days of the work being completed.

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