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Dear PAREI Members,
I wanted to share this message from Speare Memorial – our local hospital- to help the Plymouth area community stay informed about COVID-19. In addition to being the director of PAREI, I serve on the Speare Memorial Hospital board of directors and care just as deeply about the physical health of our community as I do our climate and environment. I would like to make you aware that Speare Hospital has set up a page that they will continue to keep updated:
Below is a helpful message from Speare Memorial Hospital who is working hard everyday responding to this health threat.

Sandra Jones
Director, Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative

Please join us for Resilience Roundtable. A series of ZOOM talks designed around creating a community that can bounce back and recover from adverse conditions. Talks will feature local farmers, doctors and social service providers to help us understand the quality features of the Plymouth area and help us plan.

Prepare for Your Energy Future

In response to a concern about an increasingly energy constrained world, the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) was formed in 2004. Its mission is to encourage energy conservation and energy efficiency practices and to promote the use of renewable energy in the Plymouth, NH region. This is done through education, community building, increasing accessibility to professional energy-related services and by developing and sharing our model with other communities. The Initiative takes a pragmatic approach by encouraging people to prepare for their energy future as they would their financial future. Our Motto is: “Get Energized! Plan for Your Energy Future”


The first step in creating a more sustainable community is to employ tactics that reduce the amount of energy consumed. The cheapest energy is the energy that doesn’t get consumed.


Once we have reduced the amount of energy being consumed PAREI assists community members in the installation of renewable energy assets. PAREI has assisted in over 350 renewable energy installations since 2004.


PAREI’s mission helps build stronger more resilient communities. Over $1 million dollars does not leave the area each year to purchase energy because of the efforts of PAREI. Let’s double and triple that amount.


Our community and the individuals that live here can’t navigate the complexities of converting to a renewable energy society by themselves. PAREI is here to work together with individuals, organizations and municipalities to come up with the best solutions and implementation strategies.

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