Carl McNall, Member of the PAREI BOD

Carl McNall

Sandwich, NH

On Wed morning March 11, 2020, we lost our long time board member and friend Carl McNall to cancer. Carl walked into our lives in 2006 when he learned that there was a hands-on group in Plymouth putting solar thermal systems on each others’ homes. Carl went on to host the first solar energy raiser in Sandwich in 2007 at his and his wife Milan’s home. From there he volunteered his leadership, plumbing and electrical skills at dozens of energy raisers in Sandwich and the Plymouth area through to PAREI’s last one in 2016. Carl served as board president and a board member for 13 years frequently citing his grandchildren’s future for his reasons for wanting to see our world transition to renewable energy. He was the constant voice of reason, a rock for our staff to lean on and had a smile and a sense of humor we will all sorely miss.

With the support of Carl’s family, the PAREI board of directors named the organization’s endowment fund the “Carl McNall Endowment Fund” so his passion for advancing the adoption of solar energy will live on in his memory. 


Sandra Jones

Holderness, NH

Peter Adams

Campton, NH

Sandra Jones and Peter Adams are co-founders of the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative aka PAREI (Hip, Hip, PAREI). Driven by their concerns about the economic and environmental impacts caused by the overuse of fossil fuels, PAREI, since 2004, has been providing grassroots, community based and professional services to help the Plymouth area community reduce and produce energy one home, one building at a time. Best known for creating the solar thermal Energy Raiser model and their 1:1 approach with members to help them “Plan for their Energy Future”, PAREI has also played a major role in programs and projects such as Button UP NH, Weatherization Housewarmings, Efficiency Training Program, Plymouth’s Energy and Efficiency Community Block Grant, Plymouth Water and Sewer’s 121kW PV installation, Lancaster’s town installed PV projects, Regional Energy Hub and most recently NH Rural Renewables and NH Solar Shares. Sandra’s background includes directing electoral and educational campaigns, co-owning a bicycle shop and running a statewide career guidance program to help families move from welfare to work. Peter Adams is president of EVP Marketing and Media in Campton, NH and has served as PAREI’s Co-Director in a volunteer capacity since its inception. At their homes, both Sandra and Peter have installed solar PV, thermal, and mini off-grid PV systems.

Tim Gotwols

Holderness, NH
Tim Gotwols started with PAREI at the first Solar Energy Raiser in 2005 and went on to host the 14th Energy Raiser in 2006 at his home that he shares with his wife, Sandra Jones. Tim has been an integral part of PAREI since its inception attending the majority of PAREI’s Energy Raisers as a volunteer bringing with him his expertise in construction and structural design. In 2007, Tim joined PAREI as a sub-contractor on PAREI’s professional crew installing the racking for solar collectors for members seeking professional installations. He joined PAREI as a part time employee in 2013 supervising PAREI’s team of part time employees that install solar racking structures. When not working with PAREI, Tim is busy running his own business, TG Design Carpentry and Solar. Prior to 2005, Tim owned and operated Bayside Bikes of Meredith and Riverside Cycles of Ashland for 15 years.

Robbin Adams

Office Manager Campton, NH
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– Artist/Printmaker with a BFA from Plymouth State University -Avid Biker and Hiker -Married to Peter Adams (co-founder of PAREI) so happily provides her talents.

Eklutna Kenney

Communications Coordinator
Thornton, NH

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Eklutna Kenney graduated from Plymouth State University with a degree in Printmaking and Professional Communications. She is originally from Vermont, but now calls New Hampshire home. She loves to ski and travel, and is passionate about protecting the environments that allow her to do both of these things.

Sally Jenson, best PAREI Volunteer

Sally Jensen

World’s Best Volunteer
I am currently teaching middle school students about LIFE, in the name of science at Waterville Valley Academy. When I am not teaching, I spend a lot of special time, playing my clarinet in the Plymouth State University Symphonic Band and a bari saxophone in the Big Band Jazz Ensemble.   I also take voice lessons, as I am singing in the Pemi Choral Society, Mountain Lake Chorale and sing solos once in a while. I also work with teachers planning workshops on the current curriculum that is available with each mission exploring space. I am a NASA Solar System Ambassador and give presentations to the public and teachers on space exploration. In this adventure of working with teachers, I continue to find amazing connections in the world around me. Einstein said, “Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust; we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” Einstein has an eloquent way with words and gets at the very heart of it all. How fitting these words are with my work with PAREI, which I love. Another of my favorite quotes of Einstein is “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” How fitting as I continue my quest as a Solar System Ambassador and realizing how blessed we are on Earth as it is in the right place in our Solar System to sustain life and we need to protect that.

Board of Directors

Zak Brohinsky, Member of the PAREI BOD

Zak Brohinsky

PAREI, President of the Board
West Fairlee, VT

-Land Protection & Lecturer
-After interning with PAREI while in college in 2009, Zak arrived back in the Plymouth area in 2011 to help run PAREI’s Efficiency Training Program designed to build the ‘green workforce’ in New Hampshire.  Focused primarily on energy conservation efforts, Zak also worked to educate homeowners on residential energy efficiency improvements by coordinating the Button Up New Hampshire program.  Zak’s role changed when he stepped down as an employee and became a member of the PAREI Board of Directors, and Local Foods Plymouth Advisory Committee in January 2015.

Doug Campbell, President of the PAREI BOD

Doug Campbell

PAREI, Board of Directors
Wentworth, NH

– Retired cabinetmaker/carpenter (30+ years in residential/small commercial construction)
– Served 6 years in the U.S. Navy an aviation electronics technician
– Earned a BS in Computer Information Systems from Franklin Pierce College in 1997
– Now works full time on his small farm forging a self-sufficient, resilient lifestyle with his wife, Cindy
– Begun putting his house through a deep energy retrofit in 2010 and finished the retrofit and remodeling in 2012.
– Installed an AP 30 solar water heating system in 2011.
– Installed a 5.5 kw PV system in 2014

Dick Hage, Member of the PAREI BOD

Dick Hage

PAREI Board of Directors
Plymouth, NH

Retired from 46-year career in higher education administration.

Pat & Dick’s home is the site of a PAREI Energy Raiser (AP 30 Evacuated Tube Water Heating System) in 2011, an 8.4 KW Solar PV System installation in 2011, and a complete home Button-Up project utilizing the Home Performance with Energy Star program in 2013. Installed a mini off grid solar light pole in 2016 made at a PAREI hands on workshop.

Enjoys volunteering for all things PAREI and conserving personal energy for all things gardening and grandchildren.

Justin Hardesty, Member of the PAREI BOD

Justin Hardesty

PAREI Board of Directors
Plymouth, NH

Justin Hardesty graduated from Plymouth State University with a degree in Communication & Media Studies and two minors in Expository Writing and Photography. Restoring and protecting brook trout habitats has long been apart of Justin’s life due to his life-long love of fly fishing – through fish and stream restoration, Justin began to appreciate all things environmental protection. Although he is new to the world of solar energy, Justin is extremely passionate about eliminating single use plastic and teaching others convenient ways to reduce their use of these single use plastics. He works for EVP Marketing & Media and serves as the Chair for the New Hampshire chapter of the Native Fish Coalition.

Jennifer Highland

PAREI Board of Directors
Bridgewater, NH
-Osteopathic Physician, Clinical Instructor at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
-Owner of 2 PAREI commercial PV installations: 1.5 kW home PV system; 4.0 kW system at medical office, which powers minisplit heat system; home heated by masonry stove and passive solar design; home composting toilet
Melissa Leszek, member of the PAREI BOD

Melissa Leszek

PAREI Board of Directors

Melissa was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania and studied at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, earning her bachelor’s  in environmental science while on a four-year athletic scholarship. In 2011, Melissa began her journey in New Hampshire after receiving an internship opportunity at the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) where she immediately fell in love with the beautiful landscape and outdoor community. Following the internship, Melissa moved to New Hampshire permanently and worked for the Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) as a summer field biologist in 2013 & 2014. During that time, Melissa was accepted into the Environmental Science & Policy master’s program at Plymouth State University and received her degree in 2015. Melissa’s master’s thesis was completed in partnership with the LPC, PSU, and New Hampshire Fish & Game on a research project to foster sustainable fishing behavior throughout the entire state of New Hampshire. Following the program, Melissa began working full-time at the Squam Lakes Association, this time as the Community Engagement Coordinator, while also receiving a (Green) MBA Certificate in Sustainability from Antioch University of New England in 2016. Since then, Melissa’s role at the SLA has been in donor management, community relations, grants management, organizational marketing & communications, and coordinating all SLA volunteers. In 2017, Melissa also received a fellowship opportunity with the Environmental Leadership Program, a non-profit organization that supports visionary, action-oriented, and diverse leadership training for a just and sustainable future. In her free time, Melissa enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, music, art, travel, dogs, and all things sustainability!

Joan Turley, Member of the PAREI BOD

Joan Turley

PAREI Board of Directors
Rumney, NH
-Owner/Consultant: GeoLinks, Technology and GIS Support Services for Natural Resource Managers
-Teacher/Lecturer: Plymouth State University
-Site of PAREI’s 10th Energy Raiser – AP30 Solar Water Heating System