PAREI Receives High Score from NH Department of Energy for the Center Harbor Solar Shares Project

The Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) received the highest score from the NH Department of Energy grant reviewers on their application to fund a community solar PV array in Center Harbor. NH Solar Shares, one of PAREI’s many programs, was awarded $109,000 to build a 36kW ground mounted system on donated space made available by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) in the field behind their office on Rte 25B in Center Harbor, NH. 

“The NH Solar Shares program aims to share the sun with our neighbors while bringing more clean energy on to our local grid. We also strive to build community among participants and volunteers by holding meet-ups to learn about solar energy and home energy savings,” explained Caryn Shield, NH Solar Shares Program Coordinator. 

The award comes from the NH Renewable Energy Fund that has set aside a portion of funds to specifically benefit our state’s low and moderate income families. The solar energy generated at the Center Harbor site will be applied as a solar credit on the electric bills of 12 families or individuals from Holderness, Moultonborough, Sandwich or Center Harbor. Homeowners and renters who have an account with the NH Electric Cooperative AND qualified for NH Fuel Assistance or Electrical Assistance in 2022/23, are eligible to participate in NH Solar Shares. Those living in manufactured housing communities may be eligible too. 

The project in Center Harbor is NH Solar Shares’ third community PV array. Other arrays are located in Warren and Plymouth, NH. In 2022, over $6200 in solar credits were applied to participants’ bills and once the Center Harbor project is on line, credits will grow to over $10,500 annually. “It’s one of those win-win community projects”, said Sandra Jones, PAREI Director, “the solar energy gives a financial boost to some of our local families and helps our planet too by shifting more of our electricity generation away from fossil fuels to cleaner sources.” 

NH businesses such as NE Commercial Solar Services, Barrington Power, Site Scapes, Mains Electric and Mauchly Electric will be playing a key role in completing the project in addition to PAREI, LRCT and Americorps volunteers. The project’s completion goal is October, 2023 and soonafter the new solar bill credits will begin. 

Applications are now being accepted. For information on how to become a Solar Shares participant and receive a solar credit on your electric bill, please email or call 603-536-5030 and leave your name, address and phone number. Or visit to print an application. There is no fee to participate at anytime and the program operates on a first come – first served basis. New participants rotate into the program every two years. 

Funding was also received by the NH Electric Cooperative Foundation, The Hammond Climate Solutions Foundation and local donors. The Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative is a non-profit membership organization providing programs that inform, inspire and assist community members with living more sustainably. To learn more about donation and membership opportunities visit PAREI at