Progress is being made on the Solar Shares project happening at LRCT.

We received final approval for the electricity account. NHEC will be installing a new pole (in a better spot for LRCT) and transformer within the next 4 – 6 weeks. This allows Solar Shares to put in a separate electrical service for backfeeding the solar generation. The service meter and solar generation meter will be located on a wooden pedestal between the new pole and the back driveway on the east side of LRCT’s office building.
We have chosen a solar installer. We will be working with Barrington Power  .  The past two Solar Shares projects have used other installers (ie: Revision Energy) and it was our original goal to use a different installer for each project. Ted Vansant partners with Barrington Power on installations all over the region. They offered a very competitive price. We are lucky to have someone local like Ted who can be more deeply involved (and accessible) to make the project run that much more smoothly. 
The dirt work for the trench/conduit to the solar array area and the leveling needed for the ballast blocks will (hopefully) begin in late Nov/early December.  
Before then we will be holding another site work volunteer session to continue talking through and planning a site map for the plantings and the solar trail. As well as the rocks and features we want to remain untouched. Stay tuned for that date!
The fundraising has officially begun. Yesterday we received the news that the NH Electric Cooperative will match up to $10,000 in donations.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in making a donation go to:
We are also looking into the “Direct Pay” option that the IRA act allows for non-profit organizations (and I believe municipalities too) since they can’t benefit from the IRS 30% ITC tax credit to support the financing of solar projects.