Resiliency is the ability of an individual or community to handle and quickly recover from adverse conditions.

In an effort to understand and navigate the current Covid-19 pandemic locally we have put together a number of ZOOM discussions to allow us to work together to become more resilient and sustainable. Some of the below topics are educational. Some are a way for us to discuss and discover new approaches to the issue. Some are just for fun to raise spirits. Keep checking back as more talks will be added weekly. 

Please join us for any and all discussion that you find interesting. Anyone can join in to the conversation, but topics will be driven by what is happening in the Plymouth, NH region. 

You can join by ZOOM or by phone. If you join on ZOOM you will need to install the ZOOM application on your computer or devise in advance. Instructions Click here. No account is needed, you will not need to give information, beside a log-in of your choice, and you will not need to give a credit card. There is no fee to attend any of these discussions.


There are no talks currently scheduled. Please enjoy pervious topics in the archives below. 

Participant rules:

All participants will be muted when they enter, and their camera will be off. Please remain in viewing mode to reduce background noise and the number of speakers visible. If calling in on a phone please mute the line as well.

At appropriate times during the presentation we will open up for discussion. At that time please use the chat feature to let us know your question or comment, or let us know you would like to be unmuted to ask a question. You may also use the raise hand feature.  We will work our way down through the list and acknowledge you when it is your turn.

The meet-up is set to last 1/2 hour or less. Then open discussion, unless indicated in the description.


Keeping your Cool during Covid: Close Quarters Challenges
Taped Tuesday May 19 @7pm

Peter Adams -Moderator

Grace Garvey  – Guest

Being quarantined together can make already difficult times stressful and more challenging on the home front. This roundtable will focus on building skills and awareness that can help increase communication to minimize conflicts, and will offer skills to use if the conflicts arise during day to day close quarter circumstances.

Grace has been working as a conflict resolution professional and facilitating collaborative process for 19-years. She specializes in guiding difficult conversations and consensus building and offers communication training in building conflict prevention and resolution skills. She currently serves on a number of alternative dispute resolution rosters including the NH Department of Justice’s Office of Mediation and Arbitration and the TSA Workplace program. She is a Certified Transformative Mediator and NH Family Mediator. Recording coming soon.

Laugh with MO the Clown
Friday May 1 @7pm

Peter Adams -Moderator

MO the Clown  – Guest

Join MO the Clown on May 1 (uno de mayo) for a 1/2 hour stream of clown based consciousness. This is designed to help you laugh in the era of Covid. We can’t guarantee that this will be funny, but we are certainly going to try.

MO describes himself as an “Old Man and no one should ever listen to a thing he says.”

Gardening – How to get it started
Taped Wednesday April 29

Steve Whitman -Moderator

Liz Kelly  – Guest

If you are interested in growing food this season and would like some help getting started please join us. Liz Kelly will be our featured speaker and Steve Whitman will serve as our host for this fun and interactive session. From buying and starting seeds, to finding a location and planning your planting, this session will provide an overview that will help anyone in the greater Plymouth area. After a brief presentation by Liz we will open it up to questions, comments and suggestions from all participants. If you are excited about gardening please tune in – no experience necessary!


Liz Kelly is a Rumney resident and professional planner and designer who holds a M.S. in Ecological Design and Planning. She is a certified permaculture design teacher, and a Board member for Gardens for All here in Plymouth. Liz is also an adjunct faculty member at Plymouth State University, Liz is also currently the Board Chair for the Permaculture Association of the Northeast. 

Advice for families navigating Covid-19
Taped Wednesday April 29

Peter Adams -Moderator

Wilma Hyde  – Guest

How to talk to kids. How to keep your families safe and sane.

Wilma Hyde has been a pediatric nurse practitioner since 1992. She has worked in acute care, primary care and currently works at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in the Child Development Clinic. You may remember Wilma from her many years at Plymouth Pediatrics. As a strong advocate for families and children she would like to provide support and advice for families trying to navigate through the dramatic changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Granite United Way and Whole Village Family Resource Center offers Services and Support during the  COVID Crisis
Taped Tuesday April 28, 2020

Sandra Jones -Moderator

Susan Amburg  – Guest

Susan Amburg, Director of Whole Village Family Resource Center will be our first guest at Plymouth’s Resiliency Round Table sharing details about the family services available to the community right now. Susan will share information on how families can access new and existing programs. She will provide details about how Granite United Way will be using their funds raised from their COVID fundraiser to support services in the Plymouth region.

Susan Amburg serves as the Director of the Whole Village Family Resource Center in Plymouth, an initiative of Granite United Way. She has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit administration. She currently serves on the boards of Family Support NH, Central NH Public Health Advisory Council, Lower Grafton County Council for Young Children and Families, Plymouth Area Recovery Connection, Project Care, and the Plymouth State University Center for Healthy Communities Advisory Board. She holds a B.A. from Williams College and is the proud mother/stepmother of three and grandmother of one.

Sandra Jones, Director, of Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiatives (PAREI) will moderate this discussion. PAREI became acquainted with Susan during their partnership on the energy efficiency and renewable energy project that occurred at the Whole Village and Bridgehouse campus in 2016 – 2018.

Many people in our community are facing a difficult time right now and may need support services for the first time to ease their burden. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions about how to seek out these services for themselves, neighbors or co-workers.

From our friends at the Post Carbon Institute: 

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