More Green Energy – Solar Panels for LRCT

CENTER HARBOR, NHThe Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) located on Rte. 25B in Center Harbor added 42 solar PV panels to their newly renovated office building with generous support from the Thomas Haas Foundation at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation in partnership with the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI), Mauchly Electric, and New England Commercial Solar Services.  

The 12kW solar array is located on the south and east facing roofs of LRCT’s headquarters and is estimated to produce over 14,000kWH of clean renewable energy every year.

“Here at the Conservation Trust we want to do our part for the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. We also want to inspire others, who drive by our office, to do the same!” said Lisetta Silvestri, LRCT Operations Director.

“When solar energy replaces fossil fuel generated electricity,” Sandra Jones, Director of PAREI explains, “it reduces greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for climate change. We have been working as a community based energy initiative since 2004. Over the last few years we are seeing families and organizations display a more fervent interest in taking action to reduce their energy use or produce renewable energy. Our community should feel proud of the work we are all doing together.”

About the Lakes Region Conservation Trust

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust, founded in 1979, has conserved over 27,000 acres of land throughout the Lakes Region in more than 150 properties.  LRCT’s land conservation work preserves community character, conserves critical wildlife habitat and diverse ecosystems, protects natural landmarks and scenic landscapes, and provides recreational opportunities for people of all ages.  To learn more about LRCT, please visit the LRCT website at

About the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative

The Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) was formed by a group of area residents concerned about the overuse of fossil fuels, the troubling fact that oil is a finite resource and the negative impact energy use has on the environment. PAREI’s motto is “Plan Now for your Energy Future.” PAREI offers community based activities, educational programs and professional services all designed to help homeowners and businesses reduce or produce energy.  To become a member, visit the membership page at and print off a membership form. PAREI also founded and now serves as the fiscal agent for Local Foods Plymouth – an outdoor and on-line Local Foods Marketplace helping the community save energy through local food sourcing. Visit