Plymouth Furniture Case Study

With a 100 year old building, old heating system and minimal insulation, find out how the Plymouth Furniture Company weatherized and improved their building.

Flanders Case Study

Dick and Kathie Flanders talk about their life long quest for a tighter house. Here’s a great example of reduce your energy first then produce!

D'Aleo Case Study

Eric D'Aleo discusses the changes he made to his house after learning what was available from PAREI.

Escobar Case Study

Michele Escobar didn't know much about how to make her house more efficient. Listen to her talk about the changes she made and how much more comfortable her house became after weatherizing it through the Home Performance with Energy Star Program.

See How an Energy Raiser Comes Together


NH Homes Use a Lot of Energy

Our first video segment looks at how NH homes typically use energy. Knowing what power is being used in your home and knowing when to turn devices off will add to your energy savings.


Your Home and How You Light It

Did you know the average home has 20 to 30 light bulbs? Lots of lighting choices means lots of ways to save.


Understanding Hot Water

Heating hot water accounts for about 16% of a home's energy demand. Learn to tame this large user of energy in your home.


Your Energy IQ

To maximize your energy savings, you first need to know how much you are spending on the fuels you use in your home. In this video you'll learn how to gather the data that will tell you if your home is using more energy than it should and how to track your progress in reducing your energy consumption.


Energy and Your Appliances

What does the ENERGY STAR label mean and how the ENERGY GUIDE on an appliance can help you estimate your savings.


Doing the Laundry

Ideas for reducing the energy usage and costs of doing the laundry.


Keep Your Heating System Clean

You can reap big savings by keeping your heating system in peak condition.