Board and Staff

-Osteopathic Physician, Clinical Instructor at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
-Owner of 2 PAREI commercial PV installations: 1.5 kW home PV system; 4.0 kW system at medical office, which powers minisplit heat system; home heated by masonry stove and passive solar design; home composting toilet

-Land Protection & Lecturer
-After interning with PAREI while in college in 2009, Zak arrived back in the Plymouth area in 2011 to help run PAREI's Efficiency Training Program designed to build the 'green workforce' in New Hampshire.  Focused primarily on energy conservation efforts, Zak also worked to educate homeowners on residential energy efficiency improvements by coordinating the Button Up New Hampshire program.  Zak's role changed when he stepped down as an employee and became a member of the PAREI Board of Directors, and Local Foods Plymouth Advisory Committee in January 2015.